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Adios Adelaide

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Tomorrow I go to Tasmania. Adelaide has been great. The work has gone well. I even enjoyed my RE lessons with the boys – was actually good to be in a classroom again. Have worked with lots of enthusiastic chaplains, heads and RE teachers. The PM here has just announced that he is going to introduce league tables for schools on the English model. That’s not gone down too well!

Today I had a day off and went on a trip to Kangaroo Island off the coast of Adelaide. Fantastic place where you can get up close to sealions. Apparently there are only two colonies like it in the world; here and the Galapagos Islands. What a thrill. You can’t quite cuddle them, but you pretty well shake their flippers.

The tour was a coach tour and to begin with I wondered what I was on – a lot of blokes on their own. It looked like a train spotters convention outing (except me of course!). Then I discovered there has been a huge mechanical engineering conference in Adelaide with 1000 people from all over the world and this was their day off. The guy sitting next to me on the coach told me all about it, which explained why incomprehensible conversations seemed to be starting between complete strangers.

Another strange experience was meeting a former senator (like an MP) at a dinner and it turned out we were both at Caius College, Cambridge together. He was doing a PhD in the philosophy of science whilst I was an undergraduate studying it. So we had a great time talking about Kuhn and Polanyi etc. I suppose everyone else at dinner probably thought that was pretty sad!

Well Tasmania, here I come.


Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

What a fantastic city! I can see why people like living here. Clean, compact, great facilities, but feel’s like a town. Everyone is very friendly. I was even offered help by a complete stranger in her 30s when she saw me poring over the map – I like to think it was not just the grey hair and my air of confusion that made her take pity! (By the way the photo on my blog home page is not me although it looks remarkably like a rear view of my ear. It came as standrad with the software.)

 Arrived here yesterday (27th) from Perth after a 3 hour flight (it’s a big country). Flying across the desert was awe inspiring; mile after mile of red rock. Had a good day with 30 teachers on Tuesday in Perth who really engaged with my telling them about RE in British schools and concept cracking (that’s the method for teaching Christianity developed at Stapleford Centre). There seem to be quite a few Brits who train to teach RE in England and then come out here to teach. Met one who trained with Terence Copley at Exeter and one with Michael Grimmitt at Exeter.

 Thanks to everyone who has put comments on my blog. I really enjoyed them when I found them; made me fell connected with good old England. I can’t work out whether I am able to reply – I’m still learning the skill of blogging!

Today I am working all day in St Peter’s College here, a boy’s school. Fabulous school with wonderful facilities. It includes my first session on the trip teaching students – I have 70 year 11s for two hours as the starter on how being a Christian effects your behaviour! My main job however is to work with the school’s RE staff on how they teach Christianity. Then tomorrow I am working with all the heads and chaplains of the 12 Anglican schools in Adelaide looking at what it means to be a Christian school. That’s much less intimidating than year 11s!

Conference Finale

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The time in Perth is coming to an end. The main conference I came to speak at finished yesterday. A whirlwind experience. Highlights were:

  • Hearing the Head of St Andrews Cathedral School in Sydney speaking about the unit established in his school for indigenous (aborigine) children in the teeth of many difficulties as a Christian expression of repentance for past wrongs.
  • Hearing a journalist who gave 15 years of her life to campaigning to overturn two serious miscarriages of justice on behalf of disabled young men jailed for murders they didn’t commit.
  • Experiencing a sumptuous conference dinner which included entertainment by an incredibly hilarious monologue from the Dean of Perth Cathedral and a cabaret performance from Steve Armstrong and the “flirtettes”. Steve is a Lenny Henry look-alike with an incredible singing voice. The flirtettes are his dance group  of scantily-cladgirls. (Rumour has it that there are 12 but the Anglicans could only afford four!) I gather they had more clothes on than normal for this particular gig!
  • Enjoying the high end of Anglican worship in Perth Cathedral.

Today it was good to take an hour to walk in the beautiful park behind the hotel and enjoy the sun. (It makes a change from the desk in my hotel room and staring at PowerPoint, both of which seem to be dominating my life.) I stll cannot get used to the pigeons and gulls in the park being replaced by bright green and red parrots. But McDonalds is the same here as England (only place I could find to eat that didn’t charge a fortune).

Tomorrow is all day leading a conference for 30 RE teachers. Then on Wednesday it’s off to Adelaide, the beginning of a frenetic ten days when I traverse Australia and work with teachers and kids in Adelaide, Tasmania, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast before finally arriving in Sydney where things slow down a bit.

Perth Conference

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Phew! I have finished my presentations at the main conference. As always, I find it very hard to judge how it has gone. There are over 200 headteachers and chaplains here with a sprinkling of bishops and archbishops – so all pretty intimidating. I had some very positive comments and some people who diasgreed with me on points, but this is an Anglican conference so there are all shades of opinion here.

Rev Roly Bain, the holy fool has been here. He’s a professional clown who is also ordained and is the official conference jester. It was intriguing to see him in the procession at the Cathedral Eucharist, in his holy fool costume. I have had my official conference photo taken with him as we are the only two Brits here! 

At the Monastry

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Spent a fascinating 24 hours at the only monastry town in Australia called New Norcia. The town is in the middle of the bush and the only buildings in the town belong to the monks. The thought of the original monks settling here hundreds of miles from anywhere to create a mission to the aborigines is incredible. Know it has all the bells and smells, but only nine monks. They are recruiting – anyone interested?

 We had basic facilities, but comfortable. Its the first time I have shared a bathroom with a nun! Also met a bull ant on a visit to the loo in the middle of the night. It was huge! I gave it a wide berth! Enjoyed vespers with the monks.

At Home with the Hills

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

I’m staying with friends Brian and Margaret Hill in Perth. Having great fun having debates about education with Brian. I had forgotten how cold an Australian winter can feel with no central heating. I’m snuggled up to a fan heater as I write this.

Today has been spent refining PowerPoint presentations. I made the mistake of counting up and realised I have to do 45 before I leave for home on September 30. It seems ironic to have come all this way just to sit at a desk working on my laptop. However tomorrow will be different as we are all three going to a monastry for an overnight retreat. I think I’ll take my thermals!

 I’m having to be discreet about the Olympics here. Britain being ahead of Australia in the medal tables isn’t going down too well. 

 I crossed another technology bridge today when I spoke to David Morton courtesy of Skype. My first international use. It was a lot clearer than when I spoke to Margaret from Heathrow.

Bed soon. Jet lag is playing me up a bit as I’m waking at 2 am ready to get up. Let’s hope sleep patterns settle soon. But first I must iron a shirt for tomorrow!

Perth – here I come

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

Just had dinner with Allan and Marven Harkness, friends from the world of education. Attempted a steamboat meal, which entails having a vat of boiling soup on the table into which one drops raw food you select from a buffet to cook it. I hadn’t a clue what most of it was, but the fish stomach was a bit leathery!

 Tomorrow is my five hour flight to Perth to stay with Brian and Margret Hill. Taxi at 6am, so an early start. Nearly time for bed now!

What are the two different modes in which private AMP cloud can be deployed?(two)
A. Air Gap ModeB. External Mode
C. Internal Mode
D. Public Mode
E. Cloud Mode
F. Cloud Proxy Mode
Correct Answer: AF
Which command is used to enable 802.1x authorization on an interface?
A. authentication open
B. aaa authorization auth – proxy default
C. authentication control – direction both
D. aaa authorization network default group tacacs+
E. authentication port – control auto
Correct Answer: E

CAS-002 dumps

Refer to the exhibit. Flexible NetFlow is failing to export IPv6 flow records from Router A to your flow collector, what action can you take to allow the IPv6 flow records to be sent to the collector?
A. Remove the ip cef command from the configuration.
B. Add the ipv6 cef command to the configuration.
C. Create a new flow exporter with an IPv6 destination and apply it to the flow manitor.
D. Set the NetFlow export protocol to v5
E. Configure the output-features command for the IPV4-Exporter.
Correct Answer: B
What are three pieces of data you should review in response to a supported SSL MITM attack?
A. the MAC address of the SSL server
B. the MAC address of the attacker
C. the IP address of the SSL server
D. the X.509 certificate of the attacker
E. the X.509 certificate of the SSL server
F. the DNS name of the SSL server.
Correct Answer: CEF
Refer to the exhibit. What feature does the given configuration implement?
Router(config)# ip dhcp poll SALES
Router(dhcp-config)# update arp
Router(dhcp-config)# renew deny unknown
Router(dhcp-config)# end
A. DHCP Secured IP Address Assignment
B. DHCP snooping
C. dynamic ARP learning
D. ARP probing
Correct Answer: A


Saturday, August 16th, 2008

I’m here! This is the only place I know where my glasses mist up when  I walk outside because it’s so humid, but inside I have to put my vest and pullover  on because the air conditioning is so cold. It’s also the only place I know where where British electrical plugs fit the wall sockets.

 Had a great flight here. Even managed five hours sleep. Spoke at my first seminar today. 60 teachers came including four from Mongolia! It felt as though it went well, but then everyone is so polite here. Only another 45 engagements to go.

 Had a really surprise phone call from Kirsty, Heather Miller’s daughter. She is in Singapore as well. No time to meet unfortunately, but nice to hear a familiar voice.

Tomorrow morning is my lie in! A chance to get over jet lag, although I have to say I haven’t suffered much. My next blog entry will be from Perth.

 Good night!

I’m on the Way

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Well I’m sitting in departures at Heathrow waiting for my flight to Singapore. It feels really strange to be going away for six weeks without anyone else with me! The temperature in Singapore is 30 so it will be pretty hot, but Tasmania is about 3 at the moment. I’ll let you know aht Singapore is like in a day or so. Goodnight!